Telenor Tax Certificate 2024

You need Telenor Tax Certificate When you want to declare your Annual Income Tax Returns in FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). When you are going to Filling out a Tax Return, you should declare all your assets, Land, cash, and Gold Details that you have. In this post, you will know how to Download Telenor Tax Certificate 2023 with Income Tax Withholding Certificate.

Telenor Tax Certificate 2024

Telenor Tax Certificate 2024

You know that Telenor is one of the Biggest Telecom Companies in Pakistan with Millions of Prepaid and Postpaid Subscribers. Many Users are tax filers and they need to pay taxes on an Annual basis they need Income Tax Certificate for this purpose.

How to Get Telenor Tax Certificate Online?

Yes, you can get your tax statement online free of cost. There are multiple ways to get a tax statement for your Income Tax File Return on Annual Basis.

Telenor Tax Certificate 2024

Tax Certificate through Facebook Page

Telenor gives you the best opportunity to check your statement through Telenor FB Page Online. To get a Tax Certificate Via Facebook Page, these documents should have in your pocket when you are checking withholding tax.

  • You’re Email Address because the Tax Statement should be sent to you Via Email ID.
  • Picture of your ID Card (Scan from Both Sid CNIC Card).
  • Your Telenor Mobile Number (Telenor SIM also verified by NADRA and PTA)
  • Also, note that you can check multiple number tax statements but all sims should be on The Same Name.
  • Again, you should tell the fiscal year for which you want the Income Tax Statement you need to Add to your File Return.

After following the above-mentioned Criteria, The Telenor company sends you a tax statement in your email.

Through Telenor Official Website

You can get Also your Tax Certificate via the Telenor Official Website. Follow the Steps to download Tax Certificate online via the Official Website.

  • Visit the Official Telenor Website
  • On Home Page, you will see the Live Chat Option.
  • When you click on the Live chat Option, you will prompt to Enter your Telenor Mobile Number and Email Number
  • After that, you can request Telenor Representatives to send a Tax Certificate against your Telenor Number.

How To Check Telenor Tax Certificate?

Yes, you can check your Tax Certificate For Telenor Company after following some easy steps.

You need these documents for Tax Certificate.

  • Scanned Copies of CNIC Card from Both Side.
  • Telenor Number
  • Year which you need to check and download Tax certificate.
  • Email Address

Get The Telenor Tax Certificate Through Email

This is another and easy way to know about your required tax certificate from year to year. Just Send A Single Email To Telenor and get all detail about Tax Certificate.

  • You must have A verified Gmail Address.
  • Send Email To
  • With the Sending Email, you should attached Scanned Copies of CNIC Card from Both Side.
  • Your Currently using Telenor Number
  • Desired Financial Year Detail

Visit Nearest Telenor Franchise

If you can’t follow above step to know about Tax Certificate, you can visit your Nearest Franchise of Telenor company to know about your required Tax Certificate.

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